Harrison’s on Third

Harrison’s on Third is a neighborhood bar offers a mix of exposed brick, dark wood trim, pool tables and flat-screen televisions and the feel is one that exists is somewhere between upscale lounge and humble sports bar. We are nestled in the heart of Victorian Village at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Third Avenue. We offer something for everyone from our outdoor patio to our 80 inch flat screen TV for watching the big game. Our cocktail list is extensive and ranges from specialty craft cocktails and beers to our house favorite PBR on tap. The food is a cut above your normal beer and our wing specials are legendary (see our reviews).

Harrison’s on Kenny

Harrison’s on Kenny is our second location and mirrors our Harrison’s on Third location in terms of look and feel with plenty of exposed brick and dark wood trim. Located in the Old “Brewskies and formerly Pockets” location at 4510 Kenny Road it offers a completely renovated look complete with one of the most unique bars in Columbus (come check out the “long round bar”). With separate rooms for pool tables, games, community table and raised dining this bar offers something for everyone. Our VIP room boasts large 60 inch flat screens and comfortable leather seating to hang out in. Come see our line of taps (26 taps along the wall with specialty craft beers of all types) or relax with our large selection of great wines.

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Harrison’s on Third really, really wants to be your friend.

That’s why the recently opened Victorian Village bar allowed newsletter subscribers to choose a color scheme, happy-hour specials and a draft beer (alas, Blue Moon beat Rogue Dead Guy). It also dressed up really nicely to meet you, sporting a new bar, patio, paint job and front windows.

For these reasons — and a few more, involving wings, beer and giant comfy booths in which a regular-sized guy feels like a Hobbit — I formally accept the offer of friendship.

Who, after all, doesn’t like being courted?

The finished product, which opened last month, sits on the corner of Harrison and 3rd avenues, a spot formerly occupied by B. Hampton’s. (That establishment’s descendant, Hamptons on King, opened nearby in the former Estrada space on King Avenue.)

While the layout remains similar, just about everything else has been ripped out and renovated — all but the “four walls and roof,” general manager David Moeser explained.
The resulting mix of exposed brick, dark wood trim, pool tables and flat-screen televisions exists somewhere between upscale lounge and humble sports bar.
Thankfully, the mishmash is a comfortable one. During a recent Saturday night visit, I scored a seat at the bar between two well-dressed women sipping daintily and a few jersey-clad dudes shouting “O-H!” to no one in particular. Harrison’s, it seems, is a place where martini and Miller crowds peacefully coexist.
A packed house on election night reaffirmed the nonpartisan spirit, political and otherwise.

The crowd, mostly 20- and 30-somethings, jostled for position while my group and I sipped pints of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale and munched on spicy fried ravioli and build-your-own pizzas (one-topping pies cost $5 from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays).

Shots of Wild Turkey became the order of the moment when the president-elect was announced — although, as a member of the media, I’m not allowed to say whether the Kentucky bourbon was of a celebratory or sorrowful nature. Also fair and balanced, Harrison’s tuned its televisions to Fox News and CNN.

And, although I usually try to avoid writing detailed descriptions of trips to the restroom, Harrison’s remodeled men’s room has at least one detail worth mentioning: waterless urinals. Plaques above the urinals inform the user that the no-flush feature will conserve 40,000 gallons of water a year.

Congrats, guys: Recycling beer has never been so green.

Ultimately, Harrison’s on Third doesn’t break the mold of a neighborhood bar as much as it fits nicely within it. We all need friends like that, though: warm, welcoming and always ready with a keg of beer.